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udomsa33 16 days ago
The bipolar on this girl is real 😅
kwendy 17 days ago
Beast Boy versus Terminatrix. This sounds like 00's cashgrab movie setting that you will definetely go to knowing perfectly it will not live to expectations.

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beperov 18 days ago
Damn, RIP Nagori.
Darkchango 18 days ago
Next chapter, Nagori loses his teeth as he lands on the other side of the world...
Australis 18 days ago
I bet Ranna's gonna turn his lungs inside out.
ColonelPabs254 18 days ago
One hit and he done for
OniBarubary 18 days ago
Oh man, the page with his face when Ranna sees Rokudou. Priceless.
chenando1 18 days ago
Luckily I have an appointment with the dentist coming right up, maybe I can take nagori as well so that the doctor gives him new teeth...🤣🤣
lswgamer 18 days ago
And this is why idiots never prosper.
If he wasn't such a dumbass that he can't listen to the very person he adores instead of being a good little puppet to her henchman, he wouldn't have to live the rest of his days drinking soup through a straw.
Nogoodnms 18 days ago
Loved that quick turnaround.
derpdederp 19 days ago
what an idiot, never bite the hand that feeds you
ultraleaf 19 days ago
OH boy there goes his teeth.....
Acolytus 19 days ago
R.I.P. Nagori