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kuma 17 days ago
welp, it's all ruin now...
sherish 18 days ago
She's never really been the proactive type. I guess its hard for her to completely change that much. it is quite frustrating to not see her confess
firefish5000 18 days ago
+1 for dating Mana!
This advice is valid for all members of the group, and I would love to read each of them!
shoterxx 18 days ago
Mana Spin-off when?
Nolonar 18 days ago
Mana is right, Aya is pretty annoying.
She can read minds and she knows Toda likes her, why is she still waiting for him to confess?
Ghede 18 days ago
Or murder him! Or start dating Mana! Just do SOMETHING!
itay227 18 days ago
You have to stop waiting!
Do something! Tell him how you feel!