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le3 20 days ago
Man this old knight sure is classy. Complete utensil even when eating inside the forest! What a gentleman!

I love older man younger woman pairing but between Bard and Aidra, I dunno, I can only see it as a close relationship between a knight and his mistress, nothing's sweet
LysandersTreason 20 days ago
So Aidra was engaged, and had sex (and got pregnant) before the wedding actually took place (and with a total scumbag too - why!?) ... then comes back and Bard helps raise her offspring for 30 years without a relationship ever developing between the two. Why not? He's the most famous Knight in the world, surely that would be suitable enough match for Aidra, who had at that point given birth to a bastard child.

They could have had 30 years of sex and half a dozen children together, so why not? Erg. Why do people make such bad decisions?
greatninja3 20 days ago
my heart, my soul
Liar 20 days ago
Tragic loves like this always make me cry.
Fuko 20 days ago
he joined the wrong server
Lynia 20 days ago
SkittyTheDog 20 days ago
We shokugeki now
depzdai 20 days ago
It sounded like an unrequited love story.