Vahlia no Hanamuko

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1 - Vahlia's Bridegroom
There's something special about this story that never tires me to reread it again and again. Everytime I don't have something to read, I always come back to read this.
Vahlia is the typical strongwilled but sweet shoujo FL,
Lucel the ML, I love how he's so considerate, respectful, and secretly protective about vahlia, he's also such a broody young lad, quiet but critical.
I love how the author portrays their growing relationship innocently. How they secretly and surprisingly fall for each other from the beginning of their accident bethrotal. And how eventually they come to realize it in the end.
I wish it was longer, but then again it might lost the initial essence of the story if it was more than just a one shot.
Wow this was so cute
When I saw the cover, I just knew it was akidzuki sorata , the manga artist of Snow White with red hair (akagami no shirayuki-hime)
Lucel looked a bit like obi in the beginning, but later looked a bit like zen. He just gave a vagabond like image initially, but later developed a princely charm. ?
Awesome oneshot BTW! ?