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Vol. 3 Ch. 27.1
@daywithoutgames shut-up nerd
After only a lame confession , it cuts to the next morning , no kissing , no touching , no stripping , no eff-ing , and especially , no eff-ing a male elf's anal ( FYI , Im NOT g@y , I just wanted to see the proof that shows the writer is g@y , the artist is g@y , bakayaROU is g@y , kichi is g@y . )

Is this manga made by some kindergarten kids , and for some kindergarten kids ?

"Im afraid that goblin kichi broke goblin E " . Because kichi's d!ck is bigger than bakayaROU 's , so of course bakayaROU has an inferior complex , lol . And this line is said by the same hypocrite who has been broken countless goblins , humans , elves , dog-heads , bears , wolves ( both males and females ) .

Another proof that shows bakayaROU has a small d!ck is that the glasshole alchemist has a hard time finding his d!ck in page 16 , lol . She is actually just staring at his crotch , not giving head . Only my d!ck is long enough to touch my chest , and you need a microscope to find bakayaROU 's d!ck , lol .

White elf + blackface make-up = black elf ? Eff-ing racist authors .