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ReaperCreeper 17 days ago
CoolOtamegane 19 days ago
1st Choice - Sociology
2nd Choice - Psychology
3rd Choice - Toda-kun's Wife 😂
extremeshippuuden 19 days ago
@Esper She could also be a pretty badass investigator/detective, since she would immediately be able to determine if someone were guilty or innocent and figure out where they had holes in their alibi or where they hid evidence. Kind of like a "real" version of the TV show "The Mentalist" crossed with the TV show "The Medium". 😅

Nakano would probably be best suited to the field of social psychology. She would have a considerable leg up in trying to devise social psychology tests that expose people's hidden beliefs (like implicit association tests) since she would be able to see the ground truth that other researchers wouldn't, which would make it much easier for her results to replicate. I don't know how much her powers would help her in other areas of psychology or sociology, since even if she can read people's thoughts, she doesn't necessarily understand why people feel the way they do or how their brains arrive at the thoughts they have.
kuma 19 days ago
croissant, you jinx it!
lightingcloud 20 days ago
Best girl is best.
sxe68 20 days ago
She bad
LTalon 20 days ago
The best part of this strip is realizing that the little glow lines around Mana are in either her or Aya is actually imagining the little manga effects around her.
NullApostle 20 days ago
That damned croissant.
Aerovia 20 days ago
Next chapter might be about Toda completely believing what Mana is saying and showing some interesting reaction. I could be wrong though.
Esper 20 days ago
The two best professions for Nakano are any kind of psychiatric discipline, or magic. She would be the ultimate mentalist because she's actually able to do what those performers claim to be able to do.
ZdrytchX 20 days ago
Real life psychology is shit and the shit that the students have to go through is well, in my honest opinion very un-fitting for the professional role, which probably explains why they aren't good. Maybe Australia isn't doing it right.
Archomp 20 days ago
Just join Xavier's school for gifted youngsters.
Vasqueztion 20 days ago
Mana you cheeky troll, we love you.