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Ch. 51
@vasil94 What you say is of course true, but it's not relevant to this particular issue. Reifold wouldn't expect Yuusuke to trust him in the first place, considering their history and how much Yuusuke already knows of his personality. There's no doubt Reifold himself knows very well his own character, and thus knows he wouldn't even trust himself if he was another person meeting himself. His only concern was to fulfill the king's order. Only that. It didn't particularly matter what Yuusuke would think of him. What he faced was a situation where Yuusuke was more likely to leave than remain, meaning not acting as the king wished. In my impression the mind affecting magic's effect is subtle, so it would need to be used early to have a good effect, not late. If he hadn't used it early, it would probably have been pointless to use it at all. However, given his dubious personality and how only a fool would trust him (which he knows himself), he probably didn't think he could convince Yuusuke traditionally.

In short, in Reifold's opinion the chances of succeeding using it were higher than when not using it. Success was all that mattered. However, it only means he doesn't quite know Yuusuke's personality. But for a pathologically lying double agent it might already be difficult to think someone as powerful as Yuusuke is a soft, naive, goody two-shoes, who can easily be convinced to do "the right thing".
@Kaarme This is a year old so forgive me if I'm misremembering the chapter a bit i skimmed it just now but I don't remember it that strongly.
My issue with brainwashing magic is that once this is done you SHOULD lose all trust you have and will build up. Anytime they converse in the future the person cannot know if he is being manipulated by magic. There's a difference between having mind control powers and simply ommitting truths on occasion. When someone lies and you fall for it- it's you being naive, uninformed,whatever. When someone brainwashes you- you no longer have any control on the situation. Soldiers are people too, so yes it matters who the news comes from. Not to mention he is a double or triple spy? A guy whose affiliation is always going to be unclear.
Brain-washing can be a last resort but never your first option.
@vasil94 What no reason? You say it took you an hour to read the chapter, but did you, in fact, finish it? He told his reasons. His orders were to have Yuusuke volunteer for the dangerous mission. The problem is Yuusuke was initially going to just leave. If Reifold had tried only to talk him into it, there's a distinct danger it would have made Yuusuke's decision to leave only more solid, after which it would have probably been useless to even try to change it with magic. So, it was a better bet to try to use the magic early on, when Yuusuke was at least still somewhat undecided.

They are soldiers (or agents as they call themselves) in the service of the king and the country, not some band of independent adventurers. That's why they reacted as they did. They don't need to trust Reifold. In fact who would be foolish enough to trust that sketchy spy? However, they still have their duties.
It made me suspect they're all brainwashed now.
There is no amount of trust that makes me let it slide when someone tries to brainwash me for no reason. It is unbelievable how every single one of the characters reacted. They basically forgot it happened. I sincerely hope this is brought up in the next chapter now that the situation is "cleared up". I took an hour to read this chapter because this annoyed me so much. Very disappointing.
Typical story railroading, I don't mind one bit.
So he is just going to ignore the fact that the dude just tried to mind control him?

My thought's exactly.

Should have explained the situation from the start instead of going such a roundabout way. Reifold's reasoning aside, it was his choice of method that really bugged me. I personally wouldn't have forgiven that, and if I were in his shoes--even consider threatening to kill him should he pull that shit again, despite all the previous good he's done....because that's simply overstepping boundaries, a line that should never be crossed. Imagine if the the guy decides to switch sides, and he just continues to let him walk all over him to do his bidding.
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its possible the king didnt give the order so that if they fuck up its all on them.
Yuusuke's too exhausted to deal with any of Reifold's shit ever since meeting him the first time. Reifold probably considered this over using his silver tongue to compel Yuusuke to do the king's bidding. Even if he's sly and sneaky and cloak and dagger, Yuusuke (probably) trusts Reifold to an extent due to his assistance with the whole Blue Garden fiasco and with his connections to Dr. Zeshald.
So he is just going to ignore the fact that the dude just tried to mind control him?
The MC should really think about the issue with helping as an external military force in a different country without being asked to help by that country instead of worrying about that other country's military troops doing it alone.
Before he received the information that that country's king actually wants them to help the situation was like this:

1. They are a military force of country A in a different country B.
2. They were allowed to enter the country for a certain task that the authorities of country B had been informed of and permitted beforehand.
3. If they would now take actions aside from that permitted task it would count as a unpermitted military action of an external force.
4. Furthermore it could be seen as them having only entered the country under false claims while that military action could be seen as their real secret objective.

-> Now what kind of reaction would country B have to show to an external military force taking unpermitted actions within country B's territory?
Even if that external military force intends to help country B it would still mean that
1. they would tarnish country B's sovereignty by ignoring country B's authority and judgement how to handle that situation and
2. they would cause country B's military and authorities to look incompetent as if they could not handle the issue themselves to the point that an external military force simply decides by itself to intervene without permission.

So this kind of action would only leave one choice for country B:
To cut diplomatic ties with country A and to aim for catching the external military force as a kind of trespasser.

Only with the information that the country B actually wants them to help does it become a united / allied military operation of both countries which allows the Dark God Squad to actually take action for this purpose.
But even with that information they would still need to actually confirm it with country B's authorities.
After all a servant of their own country A claiming that country B wants help does not actually mean that country B really wants help.
He could lie after all.
So the MC should have confirmed first if the authorities really want his squad's help before deciding to participate.

So much to the regards of how farsighted the MC actually is...
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