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Vol. 6 Ch. 24 - Kiryuuin is all I can Think Of
@Aoitenshi Are you guys going to continue this manga, Onideka
Also if so do you know when will be the next release
Your welcome. :D @Aoitenshi

It's a pretty popular idea for people to lose sight of everything in light of the absurd, and they tend to get fixated on cute girls. Mix kaiju battles in the mess, and now everybody's in a tizzy.

I just wonder what was with camera that snapped a photo of the two just chilling and listening to music.
@zek777 Thanks for highlighting that. That's a mistake on my part.
you know this story is becoming kinda sad i mean everyone in the world has gone crazy and basically forgotten their being attacked by aliens all while placing all their burdens on a single high school girl
I mean wtf!!
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ERm... it's Thai and Viet Nam. How could you look at that ao dai and think Belgium? lol