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ciurrb 15 days ago
Eh idk I'd be happy if my mother will find another romantic partner as my fathr did. Parents are people too, they deserve their own happiness ^_^
mage_goo 16 days ago
@Xcheldrux Maybe Evans' Ma ain't the only romantic partner he have even from the very start, as in, some kind of free polygamy shenanigan.
Which open up the possibility of Kurt training other Evans alongside Evans.

Or maybe his Ma doesn't accept Kurt playing around and abandoned Evan.
Or maybe Evan's adopted, and Pa never have any romantic partner to begin with. I think this one's the most plausible one.
Xcheldrux 17 days ago
@MacMeaties It's perfectly fine to get over the death of a love one. But in that case he looked a little too eager to go chasing after women. Finding happiness again doesn't have to mean to find another romantic partner but apparently it does for him and that's something I simply can't get to sympathise with.
MacMeaties 17 days ago
@Xcheldrux or she's been out of the picture for years. She wasn't about or mentioned when Evans was still a fairly young child so chances are she's been out of the picture in whatever manner it happens to be (divorced, dead etc) for 15-20+ years. That's more than enough time for a man to be able to move on and find happiness again rather than brooding over a missus who isn't there any more.
bluxaroo 17 days ago
I'm gonna keel over from all the blushing this chapter
Xcheldrux 17 days ago
@friedtofu Yeah I'd already assumed Evan's mother had passed away at some point. My main issue here is that this gives the impression that his dad didn't care much for her, his attitude of "as soon as you're independent I'm leaving so I can be with more women lol" doesn't do much for him.
greatninja3 17 days ago
if only evens was as direct
Sullieman 17 days ago
Pa is a suave mother fucker.
otakubouzu 17 days ago
Of course Pa will be far more successful, he got a lot of experience. Unlike Evans who have to trial and error it lol.
Hounder 17 days ago
You go, dad. <thumbs up>
kuma 17 days ago
he is eavn, but older and more stright, lOl
friedtofu 17 days ago
@Xcheldrux Well, the way I see it is that they're both grown men. Add to that, we can almost safely assume that Kurt's wife is out of the picture for whatever reason since he had taken this journey as a nameless, wandering gunslinger. With Evan's dad teaching him everything he knew about how to seduce women while being a proper gentleman; I don't see any reason for Evans to be creeped out or disgusted. Now, if he had started flirting with Oakley, I'm sure he'd have an entirely different reaction.

Just my take on things.
ColonelPabs254 17 days ago
@TamaSaga overthinking.
Xcheldrux 17 days ago
This whole chapter was so weird. How did Evans reacted so chill at his dad flirting with another woman that wasn't his mother? I don't like his dad.
TamaSaga 17 days ago
After seeing his dad in action, I can only wonder one thing...what the heck is Evans doing wrong?
belkrax 17 days ago
Love triangle solved.
ColonelPabs254 17 days ago
@jak she does. He most likely using a fake name.
CoolOtamegane 17 days ago
"Like a father, Like a Son"
BlackGeneral 17 days ago
With a pa like him Evan should have a hundreds of stepbrother around the country.
Pika 18 days ago
@jak It's because Pa is a mystery to everyone (so cool)
jak 18 days ago
I thought Oakley is Evan's childhood friend. Shouldn't she know who his father is?
Beastmanga 18 days ago
Unlike his son Kurt is a straightforward man saying what's in his mind, I like his character.
leaderreborn 18 days ago
lmao the dad is better than i thought