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JustCallMeDaBoss 17 days ago
I'd never expect an MIB reference in a fucking manga lol great, but .... was that ... true ? is that what's inside ?
Soulfree 19 days ago
Chest - None. Dead.
FluffyMittens 19 days ago
The galaxy is on Orion's Belt!
JPAU 20 days ago
That reference was simply great!
le3 20 days ago
I don't care how Eiria look inside what's important is her outside.....oh wait...
AngryMoM 20 days ago
Best chapter yet.
hartleon75 20 days ago
lol that reference
Nirimetus 20 days ago
Hahahaha that was priceless.
SanitaryCockroach 20 days ago
That MIB reference at the end! ??