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kuma 22 days ago
they are soo honest on it's own...
gartender 23 days ago
Akira out here killin the game
Spawn7586 23 days ago
I keep cursing all my friends and they think I'm funny...
Curse them.....

(Jk by the way, XD, sometimes I say good things too...sometimes XD)
Tenka1000 23 days ago
@X3h0n I don't think it's about jealousy, more about looking down on yourself because they accomplished something while you did not. At least that's how I read it.
Nolonar 23 days ago
Japan is extremely competitive, so it's normal for people to fail their entrance exams, which is why they usually apply to multiple schools at the same time (to increase the chance that one school will accept them).

They don't necessarily have to be jealous, but it can be hard to be cheerful when you're still on edge about whether you passed yourself or not.
X3h0n 23 days ago
Is it normal in Japan for people to look down on others because they're successful? I do not remember a single occasion in school where anyone would behave jealously like that.