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kuma 25 days ago
amazing mana, say it!
bhagad 25 days ago
I love this girl. She's understanding, but she doesn't hold back when she needs to knock some sense into her friends.

Edit: Also, that face. XD

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Psychronia 25 days ago
Such a wonderful friend. Mana is someone you can count on for support through life.
gormadoc 25 days ago
If we think about that we might have to think about the people who were saying that Nakano was raping people. Let's not do that.
Saras 25 days ago
Man. Remember when we hated Mana? How things change.
Vasqueztion 25 days ago
Gonna see that Mana face in my nightmares.
greatninja3 25 days ago
Mana for president
Kraeth 25 days ago
Mana being the MVP as always.
ArpanaR 25 days ago
And Mana’s awesome as always ?

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