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Lex79 25 days ago
The fact is that I don't remember her saying or thinking that her mind reading power is the obstacle between her and Toda. I would accept such a justification for her behaviour, but unless explicitly stated she only give the impression of a too much insecure girl.
lexy 26 days ago
So, even of they like each other, isn't it (maybe) because nakano's not ready to tell him that she can actually read his mind? I mean, even if she doesn't tell him at first, If they want to seriously date and all the conversation would come up eventually.

It would mean two things: that she knew about all his -theirs- lewd thoughts, plus the normal ones and everything. Mana's managing well so far, but it would be kinda hard or uncomfortable to date someone like that, I guess.
And second point, is that her understanding of Toda's feelings were from a "secret cheat" that without it she wouldn't have guessed at all and maybe would've been like any girl that thinks "toda's nice but so boring/seems that doesn't want to be with me/etc" when we already know that that's not actually the case.
But then again she likes it or not those powers are already a part of her in many ways, plus when she saw "tears" from the lost soccer match that was a delusion from her. Basically she does understand him on her own way. even if the mind reading dissapeared she could spend time with him and get to know what he's thinking like mana and greenboy -sorry- do, even if it's not 100% accurate. Like anyone who spends time with someone does. Which it seems it's not gonna be anytime soon haha
/Sorry I wrote too much and it seemed a waste to erase it
kuma 26 days ago
mana = reader! get over your insecurity already nakano... it's not your fault, and i don't think toda is kind of people who rejecting you because such a reasoning....
RedInACup 26 days ago
Nobel is clearly unable to drag the hesitation on for much longer.
Psychronia 26 days ago
Being a mind reader's best friend is hard.

Mana took best girl spot early on and never lost that title.
lightingcloud 26 days ago
I can see how she's not completely over Toda yet, she's so cute <3
backhouse 26 days ago
In our hearts, Mana won for best girl.
Saras 26 days ago
Mana saying what the readers are thinking.