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Liar 19 days ago
This is nice.
supersaiyandoyle 19 days ago
I think it'd be funny if they actually exchanged blows after separating, but this is fine too.
Monky 19 days ago
That last mutual hmm
mangasaviour 19 days ago
Hooboy, hope they don't need a bell when it comes to having sex.
PervySageChuck 19 days ago
The big question is...

...Just how much tongue action occurred during that kiss!?
kronix 19 days ago
ok now makeout
RC1138Boss 19 days ago
Stupid couple...???
MacMeaties 19 days ago
Saotome has excellent breath control... yup that'll definitely come in handy when their relationship gets more advanced.
Kodakowl 19 days ago
Stupid adorable dorks.
Purplelibraryguy 19 days ago
She probably could have kept on for ages, but for him it's unclear he can breathe through his bandaged nose. ?
Kisato 19 days ago
Big ‘ol dorks.
JaxunHero 19 days ago
Fantastic Breath control
codetaku 19 days ago
That was way cuter and funnier than it had any right to be.
SavingPrivateRightHand 19 days ago
They kissed once for nearly 2 minutes, that's some great breath control.
MrIncognito 19 days ago
That was their reaction to the bell. They acted on instinct.
arsenalbr 19 days ago
short chapters. sigh...
Slyver 19 days ago
they do it too long xD
Slapdown3 19 days ago
That was cute. Hope the next chapter shows more than ten seconds though.
komyou 19 days ago
I love how their first impulse after breaking off is to get into a boxing stance.
BlackGeneral 19 days ago
So much dust on the floor.
RandomFanguy 19 days ago
This idiot boxing couple.- Mito-san
Nightlilygirl- 19 days ago
Haha, cute. A realistic depiction of a first kiss, I guess
ColonelPabs254 19 days ago
@Nojay ah. I really love that manga.
Hounder 19 days ago
I say that qualified as a double KO.
meidunk 19 days ago
That's hot.
chenando1 19 days ago
LygarX 19 days ago
I am about to cum, but when am I supposed to pull out.
and that is how they made their first kid
LayZzz 19 days ago
They are dorks
vick_detri 20 days ago
I see the connection, both are top manga though.
The grace about Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki is that the couple were only 14 years old, they were acting like children because they were still children despite already having initial sexual interest... As she said, "stop, too adult.". Another one with the same pace to recommend should be Tsuru Tsuru to Zara Zara no Aida

These two boxers, should be able to advance their relationship further by age... and I hope to see it, I really love those manga were the couple slowly develop their relationship and not wait until the end of the manga to have just a love declaration.

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firefox1234 20 days ago
Needs an ecchi tag
Nojay 20 days ago
There was a hug that lasted the best part of two full-length chapters (57 and 58) in Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki. That series has a lot of similarities with this one, by the way (weaker smaller boy, taller and more athletic girl, secret romance, naive couple unsure how to proceed but still very close). Recommended.
Ironclad 20 days ago

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REMasher 20 days ago
Haha! Wow, I've seen some strange and silly chapters in my day, but one completely dedicated to one kiss, that might be a first. God, this series is adorable.