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beperov 8 days ago
@zeevee I think Gus tried to kill MC because he didn't want the day of his coming of age to come. That way he could still live along with Marie and Blood.
kurosa 17 days ago
If you like the manga, you really need to read the novel it's far better, it makes you cry xD
Shyning 24 days ago
@Verbomancer Thanks ! I'll check this out.
Verbomancer 24 days ago
@Shyning 12 Kingdoms (εδΊŒε›½θ¨˜) is an older series of LNs, released back in the 90s. It was one of the progenitors of the Isekai genre before the recent boom, and was very good imo. It never got a manga version (LN adaptations usually skipped over manga and went straight to anime in those days), but there's a very good anime adaptation that covers most of the story if you can track it down. You can find an English translation of (most of) the novels here:

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Shyning 24 days ago
@Verbomancer I'm interested, what's 12 Kingdoms ? Got a link ? I couldn't find it.

@ZeeVee I had the exact same thoughts when the God's Echo told them they lost their attachment to the "seal", in particular this exact wording "attachment to the seal". Since they choose to let him go and roam free at that very moment, when they bid him their farewells.
ZeeVee 26 days ago
I just had a thought: what if Will is not a sacrifice to release the demon, but rather a reincarnation of the demon that they've been raising so it won't be evil this time? That would explain the setup far better. If the demon is still sealed down there, there's no reason for them to be released from their duty — in fact, if there are demons bringing sacrifices to break the barrier, their duty is more important than ever. And why would the god say that their attachment is gone if Gus is still there and the demon is still sealed? And why was Gus attacking Will in earnest at first during the challenge? Makes sense if he was afraid Will had regained his memories.
depzdai 26 days ago
Just thought they could never escape.
donutholer 26 days ago
Nooooo, I'm glad it's not a trash cliche, but also at the same time :((
Doomroar 26 days ago
I was expecting something cliche like "Will will leave, and then as he adventures he learns that the seal broke and his family is no more, and now this is just a generic revenge story of killing the demon lord"

But nope, straight out we go against a god who has come to reclaim a contract, well played author.
Keimichi 26 days ago
I wanna get spoiled but don’t wanna get spoiled
Plz live

But seriously tho, the characters are indeed well fleshed out. It was only a few chapters, but they manage to mark the story with their presence, much more than other isekai stories did with four times the chapter amount. I hope it lasts through this series.
varezenem 26 days ago
@MorzanTLD nope that was it! Ty very much ;). I generally hear them referred to as tabletop RPGs.
MorzanTLD 27 days ago
@varezenem PnP stands for pen and paper. Meaning games like dungeons and dragons, pathfinder and other similar games.

Unless that isn't what you were confused about. :/
Martellist 27 days ago
Damn I never cried so much at the end the first volume, never thought i'd grow so much attachment with characters thats just over 150 pages and the goodbyes really killed me

damn they made stagnant to be much better looking than i how imagine - rare that a manga beats my preference over imagination
Ironclad 27 days ago
This series seems to have a big following, but nothing about what's been adapted so far stands out to me though I think the characters are all likable and fleshed out. A little effort has been put into the world building which I appreciate, but this is the first chapter that has moved past a prologue and we finally have some dramatic tension. The art is average. I worry if more human characters are introduced they'll suffer from sameface.
MRPANDOPOOL 27 days ago
Man this story keeps getting better and better.
varezenem 27 days ago
@Verbomancer what do you mean by PnP games?
Verbomancer 27 days ago
Having read the novels, I'd argue that it largely maintains its quality throughout what's been written so far, and is probably the best Isekai genre novel since 12 Kingdoms. It's more along the lines of Tolkien-esque fantasy (with a heavy influence from PnP games, according to the author) rather than a typical Isekai story though.
raiden55 27 days ago
@magma6 : there's lots of isekai who were good at the beginning... and that become terrible after a while. We may be disappointed later.
magma6 27 days ago
Gotta say this is so far the best isekai manga I ever read( tho is still chapter 7, but it seems it'll be awesome and without harem).
backhouse 27 days ago
what a ride
RC1138Boss 27 days ago
Wonder if they will "survive".

Great chapter, look forward to the next! ?
PurpleBomber 27 days ago
Dis gonna be gud.
engr 27 days ago
based on what happened is will the... DUN DUN DUN..
The Thrill is real!
budifelt 27 days ago
GOO GUSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lynia 27 days ago
God of Undeath :P
Archomp 27 days ago
Gus the Sage VS Echo the God of Death
UltimateAdrian20 27 days ago
Aaaaah....dammit , a freaking cliffhanger