Koi Inu Japanese

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Ch. 130 - Nagatsuki and Valentine's Day (2)
Avatar minakoxoxo 3 mo ago
This manga is getting hard to read with how chiyo and igarashi are acting. I understand why chiyo would be mad about certain things igarashi does or forgets to do but like the translator said, she's also keeping secrets from what's supposed to be her closest friends. I don't really see her enjoying her relationship anymore but I don't think the mangaka is headed in another direction in terms of them finding someone else. I really hope the characters get better :/
Avatar s0che 3 mo ago
The love triangle started to itch again ..
Avatar Dagger 3 mo ago
Can't that Ookuma guy just disappear ?
Avatar FredFriendly 3 mo ago
The bitch is back part 2. This girl is certainly childish and immature. It's been over a month since her birthday (five weeks to be exact) and she's still holding a grudge. So, Chiyo, how many years will it be (if ever) before you give your boyfriend chocolates on Valentine's Day?

It's as if the only reason she went to the bowling ally was to get Yuna and Ookuma together, and it wouldn't have mattered to her if Igarashi wasn't even there. Oh, yeah, Ookuma's a nice guy, right Chiyo? You'll even cheer your best friend on without telling her what he did to you? A bit on the two-faced side, aren't you.