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Darkchango 21 days ago
Ranna is just like the Terminator, she stole the clothes and the car, and she eliminates everyone who crosses her
SkyQ 29 days ago
is she a human railgun XD
ultraleaf 29 days ago
derpdederp 29 days ago
See this is why banning guns is useless. The criminals will just use Candy.
codetaku 29 days ago
It's amazing seeing this side of Ranna. She can take anything very seriously if she believes it's how it's supposed to work. She seems to mostly just be totally oblivious to society. A very raised-by-wolves type of girl.
Lyanhyrt 29 days ago
I hope no debtors were harmed in the making of this chapter.
Evilnow8 29 days ago
hahahahaha Ranna is too much
caseo78 29 days ago
Shes packing tasty treats! RUN FOR IT FELLAS!
Lex79 29 days ago
I thought Ranna had some sort of plan...turns out she's only taking a bit too literally Rokudou's words.
Rand564 29 days ago
It's funny, because all Rokudo has to do to win is speak to Ranna. Once he does, it's all ogre now.
RandomDoge 29 days ago
Ranna's just exposing herself as a Murim demon.