KAKAO 79% Japanese

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Ch. 99 - Correct
Avatar mirp448 3 days ago
aww tsubasa T_T♥
Avatar simplicity 20 days ago
I sooooo saw this coming. 😅I think everyone is frustrated but like...what was he suppose to do? After being rejected for so long, it's kinda like a coping/defense mechanism you put up cause you don't want to get hurt.
Avatar redmikan 4 mo ago
what. W H A T
Avatar Imag 4 mo ago
@Purplelibraryguy ...............OH
Avatar SundayHaze 4 mo ago
don't mind me I'm just sobbing in the corner lol 99 chapters and this happens
Avatar Purplelibraryguy 4 mo ago
@anki09: Well, it's 79%.
Avatar mikegnesium 4 mo ago
Yo, thanks for batch update and keeping it alive.
Avatar anki09 4 mo ago
oh dear, i don't get it, why is Yuu getting doubts in his head? Now that Tsubasa got her feelings cleared, Yuu got his head messed up
Sigh, this story is really bittersweet...

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