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g_z 12 days ago
ciurrb 15 days ago
@mage_goo if it wasn't a light hearted comedy I'd think Abby is gonna shot them.
TamaSaga 24 days ago

Holy sheeeeet!

...Masterfully done.

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azuremirage 24 days ago
the master has descended
lupus_in_fabula 24 days ago
Now I hope his mother's still alive too.
That, is something I'd like to see...
Nightlilygirl- 25 days ago
Oh my Goood best character reveal ever lol
otakubouzu 25 days ago
Kraeth 25 days ago

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Neuralhub 25 days ago
Shit just got real. I was wondering why we haven't got the flashback-advice lately.
tcex28 25 days ago
I was NOT expecting that.
Eviltwin 25 days ago
So... Evans meets his dad.

I wonder if we also get a cameo of his mom some time later in the story. :D
QGC129 25 days ago
Oh no
GruntZone360 25 days ago
lol Thought his dad was dead... Welp, I just hope there will be more development between Elmore and Phoebe with their 'relationship'
KafukaPalazzo 25 days ago
Ok manga, you got me. That fucking twist!
SanitaryCockroach 25 days ago
Mind. Frickin. BLOWN!
Confused 25 days ago
Just marry already.
Australis 25 days ago
Is Pa gonna accept Oakley as his daughter-in-law? That's the big question.
gartender 25 days ago
kaeldy 25 days ago
The bounty is probably there because he became wanted through a undercover work by being with the organization where ever he is infiltrating
Wildstag 25 days ago
Wait, but if he calls out to his dad (or the other way around), then we'd have to deal with a "But I'm not just in it for booty" conversation, and that kinda thing would just push back the Oakley affair, wouldn't it?
Nolonar 25 days ago
I had a feeling it could be the dad, but it still surprised me in the end.
mage_goo 25 days ago
Fuck that's amazing.
I thought his dad either dead or living as hermit somewhere just like any other flashback mentor figure, not still active in the field.

Also, that bounty hunter brought out an interesting point.
Just who the fuck is fake-morris and why government insist on transferring him while making sure the world think that he's morris?
Is bounty-morris even exist? Isn't Abby just casually screwed up the whole plan by leaking that he's not bounty-morris?
jak 25 days ago
Oh hey, his dad is still alive.
AWildDUK 25 days ago
I didn't see that coming at all, incredible.
Nirimetus 25 days ago
@caseo78 I did too lol.

Nice development.
caseo78 25 days ago
I thought his dad was dead. I guess I was jumping to conclusions.
Nogoodnms 25 days ago
Damoon 25 days ago
Kurt Evans weee. I was wondering when he'd show up.
Memnon 25 days ago
Dun dun dun DUN!
belkrax 25 days ago
hooooly fuck yees, FINALLY
ColonelPabs254 25 days ago
Holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Shit. This was epic.
cerebropodrido 25 days ago
now that's one unexpected development