KAKAO 79% Japanese

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Ch. 97 - Comparing Answers (2)
Avatar simplicity 20 days ago
Wow, the senpai we really all need 😂
Avatar asdochess 4 mo ago
we love the sempai! the best speech about love ever read in a webtoon
Avatar BDM130 4 mo ago
Oh shit the Senpai is cool.
Avatar HermesPasser 4 mo ago
Avatar kronix 4 mo ago
just leave this dumb cunt, obs she got problems on her own fuck this bitch get a better girl
Avatar FredFriendly 4 mo ago
Tsubasa really is annoying. She's stuck in the past, a past which is a big misunderstanding on her part. I pity poor Yuu for being in love with such a stupid girl.
Avatar herianforce 4 mo ago
So what the hell homo sapiens
Avatar sukaley 4 mo ago
thank you senpai!!!! thank goodness he didn't turn out to be a second lead!!!
Avatar mikegnesium 4 mo ago
Ah, i don't care anymore. Just grow socially and go your separate ways.
Avatar RimuruTempest 4 mo ago
Oh God the faces of yuu and tendou at “homo sapiens” xD
I’m laughing at those faces xD
This manga sometimes has really weird faces xD
Avatar anki09 4 mo ago
Someone is asking questions in the right direction....