2DK, G-pen, Alarm clock.

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Vol. 1 Ch. 1
How nice, I want a pretty girl to take care of me
Well that was for the better, indeed... Marriage wasn't something she was dreaming for because of love, it was something on her list, I mean, she barely had tears for him and just a puppy face was enough to change her mood.
I bet the boyfriend got tired of waiting... It happens when you talk too much about yourself, like you're using the other person just to vent your problems, before she start loving her roommate, I think she needs to fix stuff about herself. ALSO the mangaka needs to fix A LOT of things about herself too, she's an adult after all!
her bf seemed really stupid.....how does he come to the conclusion that she's a lesbian just because she talks about the person she's LIVING with? i used to talk about my roommates all the time, doesn't mean i'm in love with them???? i guess it's good they broke up because he didn't seem like the person for her anyways

(if her last thing she wants to do is get married, i'm afraid she won't be able to do that. since gay marriage isn't legal and all that in Japan)
I feel bad for her ex. Barely gets to see his girlfriend and all she spends their time doing is talking about someone else.
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