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firefish5000 28 days ago
Plot Twist! Toda-kun really is the only lewed one!
Mana-chan just did a bad job visualizing her bra, Toda-kun couldn't quite remember his last girlfriends face, Mana-chan did visualize Yac-chan moving boxes because he had received a delivery recently, and Nakano-san's okaasama had no clue that Seikai Sandwich was actually a chocolate cake!

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herianforce 28 days ago
Stray further from God
Karkeys 28 days ago
We're getting close, this has to be the last volume! (For good reasons of course, I want a separate volume of them just dating)
Kraeth 29 days ago
Truly is she the queen of lewdness!
hatsuka 29 days ago
Archomp 29 days ago
I'm sure Toda imagined hugging you in an innocent way. ;)
You're the one who's thirsty.
Poklamez 29 days ago
Oh boy, and here she was getting praised in the last chapter's comments for still having her clothes on...

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