The Strongest Girl Korean

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Ch. 17 - Card Game (2)
Avatar MesaOracle 3 mo ago
Bet she just says his name and then destroys the slip of paper. Rules followed.
Avatar Geany 3 mo ago
Thanks for the chapter! It's been a while since a series made me laugh so hard ?
I'm a sucker for characters like Yena, and I'm prone to forgive her being mean to FMC. She's helping her expressing her feelings, and if she's doing it so brutally - making her desperate and jealous - it's just to overshadow FMC's ridiculous brute strength xD
Maybe she has feelings for him too, but that would only make her cooler, because she's shipping them in spite of it. However I doubt it: that would be unexpected drama in this comedy.
Avatar FredFriendly 3 mo ago
My impression of Yena hasn't gotten any better after this chapter, either. She is a manipulative rich bitch who enjoys toying with her favorite play-thing, her so-called best friend. Sae-mi is such a sweetie, too bad she has to have a so-called best friend who's rotten to the core.