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Paladin_T 1 day ago
Ranna looks best in a tie and pants in my opinion.
Evilnow8 1 month ago
hahahahahah this was so hilarious, I was thinking how it was possible for her to get a driver's license or something but this makes more sense that the normal route XD Ranna best waifu and android at the same time
mahtan 1 month ago
It's official, Hana-san iis not human.
ultraleaf 1 month ago
Lol and they are probably freaking out in the cab
T4K4 1 month ago
LMAO is that... a mothafuckin "the transporter" reference??! ?
kwendy 1 month ago
See! I told you! I told you long ago she is the cyborg from the future!
...Well, something like waifutron to be exact...

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Fuko 1 month ago
* reads previous chapter again
* understands
Dezaki 1 month ago
just when i thought our ranna finally having a proper(?) job when it was actually her doing usual crazy shit.

damnit girl this isn't GTA:SA where you can have a taxi driver job by stealing a cab
Acolytus 1 month ago
Fast and Furious: Waifu Drift
RooneyRoo 1 month ago
fuck your bike
ColonelPabs254 1 month ago
I am scare and arouse
jak 1 month ago
At least Ranna was nice enough to save her from smearing across the road.
Weezer 1 month ago
CoolOtamegane 1 month ago
Ranna is T-900 in disguise
Deoxyribo9 1 month ago
Fucking hell, it's crazy taxi!