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Vol. 4 Ch. 15
I love how Aoi is considerate of Akane and choosing an easy school for both of them to get to (and I expected that) but I admire Akane even more on how him being considerate is also underestimating Akane's determination. You can see in this scene how hard Akane is trying to catch up to Aoi and her determination to not back down. And that truly is the beauty of Akane.
"You don't understand the feeling of chasing a dream." Precisely because Akane has so many flaws, she has to work harder than others to achieve her dream and even try to stay on the same level as Aoi. Aoi is already smart and he naturally gets what he wants because studying is second nature to him. But that's also why he doesn't necessarily have a dream to urgently chase after like Akane. Which is why, while it's not as obvious, Aoi is basically relying on Akane to support the dream, as well as Akane trying to chase the dream with Aoi. It's like you can't have one side of the coin without the other ^U^ These two are really a good depiction of twins that truly understand each other~ It just makes it better that they have twin telepathy that can tell if they're coming close or understanding/sharing feelings :)
These two are truly.. too precious T^T I hope their promise is kept!!