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ciurrb 13 days ago
@SanitaryCockroach I thought his dad's lessons were alright it's just they weren't always used in the right way in the right situations?
Xcheldrux 29 days ago
How can a horse chase be so filled with so many feel good moments?
lupus_in_fabula 1 month ago
Admit it, Evans, it's love.

And the horses, oh dear, the horses...
SanitaryCockroach 1 month ago
Ya gotta admit, Evans is a fine specimen for any woman. Hardworking, sincere, and fricken dedicated to people he cares about. Truly a person we men can aspire to be like...... except for the corruption his dad did to him.
CoolOtamegane 1 month ago
"Did that ever happen?, I Sure didn't hear of it"
LMAO!!! ROLF!! Even the narrator didn't know
belkrax 1 month ago
a threesome is always the solution
Sullieman 1 month ago
Just marry already dammit.
RandomPasserby 1 month ago
You know he's a keeper when he strives hard just so you don´t lose face.
TamaSaga 1 month ago
His smug look looks very similar to his cornered look...
ColonelPabs254 1 month ago
Damn it Oakly. Don't make Evans work harder