Sakura Trick

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Vol. 7 Ch. 60
After the mangaka portrayed Shizuku and Kotone as the boring misogynist trope of the flawless unshakable blonde and the helpless nervous dark-haired girl for the majority of the series she attempts to make up for it with this chapter.
It is one of the very few chapters in this manga actually worth reading. It is great to see the mangaka finally portray the kind of reversal she has been subjecting Yuu and Haruka too all the time (but then in their case Yuu is the blonde, so that is just playing by the misogynist tropes) by showing us how helpless and insecure Kotone really is and letting Shizuku with a fed up grin come to her rescue and telling her sister what's what.
But it in no way makes up for how the mangaka has been ridiculing Shizuku since chapter one and has been giving the nutcases who hate dark-haired girls their token submissive dark-haired girl.
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