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Punllarena 1 month ago
Isn't imagery her delusions? Unless Toda is around, watching them.
KazumiSangaku 1 month ago
Isn't 5-7-5 a standard for haiku? Makes me think one of the dialogue boxes, maybe the last one, was a haiku prior to translation.
Garrett 1 month ago
Pretty sure it's a boob
Kisato 1 month ago
This chapter of Senryuu Shoujo was pretty weird.
RandomPasserby 1 month ago
And here I was waiting for a reference to Senryuu Shoujo or at least a real poem... but a tribal astral projection works too i guess.
Shimatta 1 month ago
LOL! That chapter name! 5-7-5 could be taken as a pun, go-nana-go, or "Go, Nana(ko), go!" Not sure if it was the intended pun, but it works. ^_^

Oh, and @Antlas, I think that's her forearm, with her hand pinned between her chest and his arm/shoulder.

EDIT: ...and now that I'm awake I remember her name's Nakano, not Nanako. D'oh! :P

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Acolytus 1 month ago
This must be the work of an enemy Stand.
Antias 1 month ago
What is this thing under Shimizus arm in the second panel?
Esper 1 month ago
Looks like she's foaming at the mouth in the 3rd panel.
LTalon 1 month ago
Looking like you got a real nice boat there, Toda.
Majora 1 month ago
Unga bunga, no touch waifu.