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Liar 1 month ago
Yes! Seize the means of production!
Monky 1 month ago
Daaamn that last page hype
derpdederp 1 month ago
Ya dun goofed getting into the reverse cash cab
kwendy 1 month ago
Hell yea protag speech!
ColonelPabs254 1 month ago
Well, this going to get good.
B4ND 1 month ago
KafukaPalazzo 1 month ago
Nagori seems to have a genuine affection for Minami. And he's kinda berserk too.

I'm pretty sure he will be the one to wreck Jin up when he will find out what he did to Minami.
T4K4 1 month ago
How this don't have an anime "get" is crazy...
xironi 1 month ago
Suddenly some Hitman shit is going down
Dezaki 1 month ago
not enough P L O T T W I S T on first page author gave us a huge surprise at last page
LayZzz 1 month ago
Color me surprised. I could have sworn that Ranna was the Hunter. Didn't think she actually had a job
ultraleaf 1 month ago
lmao was wondering where she was ?
Acolytus 1 month ago
That guy is fucking dead.
Lucky 1 month ago
x754 1 month ago
Wait. How many grades was she held back for? Minimum commercial driving license (such as for taxis) is 21...
Lyanhyrt 1 month ago
Someone's gonna die!
Darcow 1 month ago
Holy cowfuck! Dat ending... Dis gon be gud!!!