Koi Inu

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Ch. 129 - Nagatsuki and Valentine’s Day (1)
I can't blame Chiyo here at all. Shun was being a Valentwit.
It's funny that one litter outburst during a time when someone is all over her while she's holding a sharp object automatically means she's returned to her bitchy self. Everyone would have yelled at Igarashi at that point.
@FredFriendly - Devil's Advocate: Changes in personality (and I mean full changes, not sporadic OOC moments) tend to take at least 1-2 years at minimum to happen and they happen gradually; only way for a personality to change faster than that would be due to trauma or any kind of big event; 9 months truly is a long time but still not enough to make a greater change other than a 20% increase in niceness. Besides, as I already told you, she was using a knife; even the author said that that was dangerous and good kids shouldn't imitate him.

As for Ookuma... well, japanese people tend to prefer letting things pass and hope that nothing bad comes out of it rather than confront it early on, it's in their culture and it's not exactly a good topic for Chiyo to talk about (remember when she told Igarashi about her trauma without mentioning the guy's name). She *may* also be thinking about her friend's crush on the guy and Igarashi's closeness with Ookuma and not wish to ruin either of them by mentioning a topic that may not matter in the long run once Igarashi stops working in that place. It's true that she did wrong by not talking about it in time and worsen the situation, but it's not as bad as people are making it out to be.

Besides, at this point it's become clear that the author is using Chiyo's problem with Ookuma as his/her "ace in the hole"; once he/she finally runs out of dramas and topics to throw at them then it's finally gonna come out to light and cause another dose of drama into the story... which brings out this peculiar image in my head about the future of this series:
    *10568 chapters and 50 years later, after 200 situations of drama, a wedding, 2 children and 6 grandchildren; while resting on the veranda of their house*
    Chiyo: Shun...
    Igarashi: Yes dear?
    Chiyo: Remember that ex-coworker of yours back when you were a student?
    Igarashi: You mean Ookuma? The guy that dated your friend for a while before she got together with Ryouhei? Yes I remember him, why?
    Chiyo: And do you remember that story I told you decades ago while we had our first big fight as a couple?
    Igarashi: You mean that trauma of yours? Yes I remember it too.
    Chiyo: Well... actually Ookuma was the guy in the story. I knew him from before and hid it from you, I'm sorry.
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@Devil's Advocate: "after just a couple months"? Huh? I figure that they've been dating now for about 9 months. And Chiyo's personality had seemed to become less bitchy and much more affectionate after her one bit of self-awareness back in chapter 83. As for Ookuma...

Devil's Advocate here:
In her defense, Igarashi was pretty much acting like a small kid asking for attention, but with the great difference being that he's a very large man now, not to mention that Chiyo was busy preparing the food and holding a knife, which in japanese culture is considered as dangerous and ought to remain undisturbed lest you want an accident, hence why she was being so curt (well, more than usual).

Besides, you need to remember that she won't change her personality and become tamed overnight or, for that matter in this story's time, after just a couple months: this has been her personality for years and it's gonna take some time for her to be more affectionate and less, well, bitchy. You will have an easier time reading this manga by simply treating their relationship as a "golden retriever" dog dating a "norweigan forest" cat (or any other kind of coy cat).

Also, about the Ookuma issue, what is she exactly supposed to tell them? "By the way, once in the past I knew that guy and was very friendly with him but then some rumors started going on and he snubbed me due to that and we never talked again". They weren't dating nor anything of the sort, at most they were a "koibito miman" (and that would be pushing it) but that's it, she would end up causing needless drama in a society that instills you to never cause problem for people or in public and potentially ruin Igarashi's friendship with his coworker, not to mention also breaking one of her best friend's heart; that girl is pretty much screwed an can only hope that after some years pass she won't have to meet him again like she did up until Igarashi came into her life.
The bitch is back! After getting along well over the Winter vacation, now, a month after her birthday, Chiyo has reverted to her former bitchy self, treating Igarashi like an annoyance.

I also don't like where this is going... Any involvement of Ookuma in the story just ticks me off. I fear that Coco is going to try to paint Ookuma in a positive light, and I ain't gonna be fooled.

And why doesn't Chiyo warn her supposedly best friend about Ookuma's prior behavior? I just don't get it...