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belkrax 1 month ago
Damn, cool chapter. And that one blonde cowboy looks like a badass.
Xcheldrux 1 month ago
Why is Oakley so cute?
greatninja3 1 month ago
this is turning into one punch man
azuremirage 1 month ago
sheriff evans is flossin on all of us
lupus_in_fabula 1 month ago
I know that's cliche, but I totally lost it at p.12
QGC129 1 month ago
The thing is, this uses misunderstandings for pure comedic effect and not to hack the plot together, which makes it all the more bearable.
Hata's new manga seems to be doing the same, yet for some reason I'm not enjoying it as much.

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ColonelPabs254 1 month ago
The great misunderstandings never disappoint.