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Ch. 128 - Chiyo's Birthday (4)
Avatar mainimi 3 mo ago
It's not about about my, or anyone's, expectations.

It's about how the scene faded to black while they were kissing on a couch and then they woke up the following morning sleeping together, blushing (and with Chiyo not wearing her pants/skirt). Plus in a later chapter they were going to do it in Igarashi's room back home too until they got a cellphone call. Based on that of course most people would think that they already had sex, since that's what the storytelling was implying.
Avatar FredFriendly 3 mo ago
@mainimi: Not everyone goes from holding hands and kissing once or twice (or not at all) to full-blown sex. If either one of them wasn't a virgin, it mighta been different. I think a lot of people thought they did "it" solely based on their own expectations of what they would have done if they were in the same situation instead of considering how naive and inexperienced these two love-birds are.

@InChildlikeWonder: Yup, the peace and tranquility of the Winter Vacation has come to an end, but hopefully they have learned from their previous "disagreements" and will make up in short order.
Avatar InChildlikeWonder 3 mo ago
Ahh... the peace has ended. They're back to normal now.
Avatar azuremirage 3 mo ago
yo damn so shun is a golden state dick rider too? Charles Barkley got some words for you and Draymond.v Ever since Kevin Garnett hopped on people stay riding dick even though Lebron really putting it on in this playoffs. Not gonna lie tho he kinda has to just to make Drake sit down and shut up.

I bet you though shun is all for opening that 35 million dollar pay slot for James to join Golden State in which case I'll never watch the NBA ever again.
Avatar mainimi 3 mo ago
I thought they already had sex, what a surprise.
Avatar Hounder 3 mo ago
Damn man... You just had to blow it there, sheesh....
Avatar FredFriendly 3 mo ago
Chiyo's worst birthday nightmare came to fruition (foreshadowed a very long time ago back in chapter 58)! I can't really fault her for being upset. She feels short-changed considering how she had to work hard for the money to buy Igarashi expensive basketball shoes. And all he gets her for her birthday is... a T-shirt. No cake. No romantic date at a candle-lit cafe. No present that would make her heart flutter. Nada. Zippo. Kaputnik. What a doofus! Shame on you Igarashi!

On another note, contrary to some suggestions made by other readers that they did "it" back in chapter 100, Igarashi has confirmed what I have said all along: they are both still virgins.