Blue Giant

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Vol. 1 Ch. 5 - Sayonara, Good Bye
I love this! All art is fire of the heart, given form by people making it! Whether it's written word with delicate prose and carefully chosen words, a picture drawn with calculated brushes of pencil or music where musician poured their soul into the intricate melodies and structures, all art is born from desire to express, expand what the world knows. I don't need to hear Dais' jazz to understand how he too poured his sadness and sorrow to it.
Every single panel of this manga drops personality and love for jazz. It's music I never really got into, but hell, I can feel Dai and be happy he got into it.
This is some good shi* right here. People need to listen to more jazz.
With this title being in Japanese, you might not think it's named after a jazz song... However, I actually found two possibilities.
The first is a 1953 track by Japanese jazz singer Miyoshi Umeki, titled "Sayonara (Let's Say Goodbye)". This was featured in the film "Seishun Jazz Musume", which was released that same year.
You can see the clip of her performance from that film here:

The second possibility is that it's named after the 1957 Nat King Cole song, "Sayonara". In which, at one point he literally says "Sayonara... Sayonara! Good bye..."
Have a listen: