Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

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Vol. 10 Ch. 40 - Raruk Beruk
Ah damn... I really like Raruk tho.
So a Fan Hero, Scythe Hero, and Gem(?) Hero, I wonder what the 4th one will be.
Oh hey it's her...
From like 20 or so chapters ago...
The bestest character...
Who tf is she again?
@SSS26032002 Not too sure what you mean by that, but the thing about them being from a different world is true.
This WILL be spoiler territory from the WN, so some stuff might be a bit different from the LN(which this manga is based on), but
They're not the only one I guess....
It was evident from the way they were behaving but isn't this whole world a lie??