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LTalon 2 months ago
I like how Mana has gone straight from Love Rival to Wingman
CoolOtamegane 2 months ago
Certified 100% best girl by all readers
Kisato 2 months ago
I want a Mana, where can I get one?
Psychronia 2 months ago
Look like an idiot?
lightingcloud 2 months ago
Mana is the absolute best.
Topweasel 2 months ago
No need to. Nana is the exact opposite of Toda, no one needs to read her mind it's all over her face 24/7.
shoker 2 months ago
Oh jeez this is going to be awkward.
She's going to latch onto Toda like a cicada.
murasaur 2 months ago
Aaaah, that delicious smug croissant ?
Koin 2 months ago
Lazybum 2 months ago
Who's actually the one reading thoughts here.