Shibito no Koe wo Kiku ga Yoi

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Vol. 3 Ch. 14 - Night of the Slayer
Eguchi better not be dead.
So when a mom found out that her daughter got a gun, she would just threw it in the trash?
@daywithoutgames My guy, that's creepy as fuck.

The Lord of the Ghosts: The Fellowship of the Club.
- you know that horror movie with the cabin in the woods ?
- Friday the 13th ?
- The Cabin in the Woods ? .
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre ?
- The Ring ?
- Blair Witch Project ?

page 28 , president says : enjoy the daifuku , it maybe your last meal , lol .

the noh mask and the headless corpse are probably a parody of chapter 24 of inuyasha :

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