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kurosa 2 months ago
@lupus_in_fabula Overeater in a nutshell.

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lupus_in_fabula 2 months ago
So Blood gave him Stormbringer?
ngoctc 2 months ago
This manga is god-tier, no wonder the rating was so high
dyuinco 2 months ago
Thanks a lot for the chapter, good work!
kurosa 2 months ago
@GoblinGuy Just for you Will ?

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Nishikirenai 2 months ago
He got wet dream after peeking on Marie?

What is this kind of adorable dork? Hhohooh
Riztard 2 months ago
SpacyRicochet 2 months ago
GoblinGuy 2 months ago
Dammit artist, didn't your teachers tell you "show, don't tell"?
kurosa 2 months ago
@kronix He will have a love triangle xD

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ultraleaf 2 months ago
The spear and armour reminded me of the deep down ps4 game play trailer
depzdai 2 months ago
Poor Gus.
kronix 2 months ago
well rip I was hoping he and the mummy would of been a thing. Why call her a mom when she clearly isnt. Weak author I wanna see sex
kurosa 2 months ago
@xironi Well she is the only woman he have seen in 14 years, so he have to choose between being a straight necrophiliac, a gay one or a wizard (virgin) xD

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xironi 2 months ago
So Will is a necrophiliac who wants to bang his mummy mommy.
What a sicko.
kurosa 2 months ago
@UltimateAdrian20 Actually, they had a friend/platonic relationship.

As explain in the side story The building blocks of a dream, they had feeling for each other but Blood never did a move.

Marie: "Oh? You haven't made a single move on me and I'm already yours?"

but as they knew

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UltimateAdrian20 2 months ago
Yeah...I kinda figured Blood and Marie were a couple...kinda suits them too
kurosa 2 months ago
We'll have to wait 'till Vol. 4 to see Overeater shine!

P.D. Will have one of the best vows in the serie xD