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aFFi 2 months ago
Man, when you have an awesome scar like that, you should never hide it !
MacMeaties 2 months ago
Can confirm retrievers like to be pillows, and use you as one.
ColonelPabs254 2 months ago
I didn't notice the scar at first
BestBoy 2 months ago
He's definitely hiding it out of shame. A bad match or something.
SloWolfe 2 months ago
That scar is pretty awesome.
groove819 2 months ago
Looks better with the scar than trying to hide it IMO.

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Catsuey 2 months ago
xyzzy 2 months ago
@x754 Nope. You're getting your first look of R18+ NSFW uncut bandageless nose.
SanitaryCockroach 2 months ago
The uncovered nose is scarred! Perhaps he is embarrassed by it, so he wears the bandage all the time?
x754 2 months ago
Was Satoru's nose under the bandage ever revealed before this point?