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zek777 1 month ago
Guys, no one seriously did not comment about how love ACTUALLY is done with boobs?
NO ONE? No one...
kwendy 2 months ago
What a twist. I would be really surprised if it's actually those guys got away with money. Like really surprised.
boag 2 months ago
ah shit, that aint right, this sakura person must have done it.
CoolOtamegane 2 months ago
Yo dawg, I heard you like betrayal, so i put a betrayal story when a fmc almost betrayed mc by betrayed his accomplioshed and she was betrayed instead by her betrayal accomplished.
DrWhoCares 2 months ago
Nooooo, best girl :c
JaxunHero 2 months ago
I bet they took the cash and paid that other shark guy they were talking about when this arc began. This way they seperate her from this lifestyle so she can be free
Xunder 2 months ago
Betrayal at its finest

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Majora 2 months ago
I can't see this going well for her either way.

If her friends did actually try to betray her, I can see her actually becoming part of the main group.
caseo78 2 months ago
She is in trouble. I can't wait to see her go wild and get the money back.
Parth37955 2 months ago
oh...shoot. they either backstabbed her, or decided to go by themselves to pay that lady off...let's hope for the latter.