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FredFriendly 21 days ago
@isoujiX: I would already have given her an ultimatum: leave now with me or I call my lawyer back in Korea to start the divorce proceedings. No matter how you look at it she's committing emotional infidelity.
isoujiX 21 days ago
@FredFriendly yeah bro. kudos to hubby. im so eager to watch the continuation! i have this imagination where the hubby goes like "fck this shit! im outta here!" vibe.
FredFriendly 22 days ago
@isoujiX: Yes, the farmer boy is equally a douche in this situation. He knows that she's married, and her husband is right there, yet he continues to fawn over and flirt with her in front of the husband. Ya gotta give the husband a lot of credit for not taking that fork and stabbing farmer boy instead of that potato. He must really love his wife (a hell of a lot more than she does him) if he's willing to endure the torture and torment his wife is putting him through.
isoujiX 22 days ago
@FredFriendly chillex bro. i dont mean the kissing scene. the husband always busy with work and kinda ignore his wife. ofcourse i can see the husband struggle to find his wife and the wife is being kinda douche. she cant even see the husband tried his best to search for her. and the farm boi also know she has a husband but did he care? no
FredFriendly 23 days ago
@isoujiX: How is it the husband's fault in the first place??? What exactly did the husband do wrong? Did he kiss the harpie? No. She appeared out of nowhere and forced a kiss on him. Did he run off like grade-schooler in a fit of jealousy expecting the wife to chase after him? No, that's what the wife did. Did he hire a couple of goons to steal his wallet and phone at the critical moment? No, that's what the harpie did so he wouldn't be able to contact his wife. Did he fall in love with the harpie and spend his "honeymoon" in infatuated bliss, going on a couple dates and flirting like no get-out? No, but that's what wifey's been doing with farm boy.
isoujiX 23 days ago
ahh its irritated me! ofcourse its her husband fault in the 1st place. but he search for you everywhere. i cant wait to see the end. its kinda cringy
FredFriendly 24 days ago
As usual, I have a few things to rant about: