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aylmao 2 months ago
it's deffo psychology
eelzbean 2 months ago
clearly that was Ologiology
BatShltCrazy 2 months ago
My money is on Proctology because it's an assload of fun!
gormadoc 2 months ago
Intersectional fat studies.
furopoi 2 months ago
would be pretty cool for her to study sociology or psychology actually considering the characters are all constructed around how good they are at reading other peoples' feelings and how open they are with their own
Poklamez 2 months ago
Nah, she's gonna do gender studies.
Ovdose 2 months ago
It'll be urology because Nakano is a pervert
LTalon 2 months ago
"I feel like Dr. Nakano really knows how to speak to me. She just always seems to know exactly how I feel!"
lightingcloud 2 months ago
psychology here we come
Nojay 2 months ago
Or an even better parapsychologist.
Poklamez 2 months ago
Well yes, she would probably be a good psychologist.