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Vol. 1 Ch. 3
And in case you think MC is a lightweight for getting drunk after one or two bottles of beer:
Tripel is 9.0% alcohol while Christmas is 10.5%
In case anyone is curious

On the left:
Gouden Carolus Tripel

On the right:
Gouden Carolus Christmas
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lul, fake trap like everyone expected. She better keep pretending to be a brother cuz Itsuki is CRAZY

I did wonder from the very beginning if his younger step-brother was really a younger step-sister and somehow he didn't know that.
But I've also been wrong before in regard to how someone in a manga was drawn, what sex they were, so I acknowledged to myself that I might be barking up a wrong tree.
Turns out my thinking was actually correct.

If this ever gets updated it will be interesting to see just how that gets played out/explained.