Koi Inu

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Ch. 127 - Chiyo’s Birthday (3)
@Nobi: Well, you're probably right considering how there's that certain other someone who keeps popping up now and then to ruin my mood...

At least Chiyo and Igarashi have been getting along well for a while now, though I can't help but wonder what's the next hurdle that they'll have to overcome...
@FredFriendly: I'm afraid he's here to stay. My only hope is that Chiyo's mom is okay with Shun and make him STFU.
I hope that's the last we'll see of Chiyo's dad. He's definitely one of the most irritating and obnoxious characters in any series I've read (with or without his wig). If only that hadn't been a dream... I must admit, I found Chiyo very enticing in that outfit...