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Xcheldrux 2 months ago
Yes! Yes! Yes!
sdarkpaladin 2 months ago
WOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! She'll think about it!!!!!!!!!
Plophop 2 months ago
Oh, I'm sure he'll be thinking about it plenty.
Ju2c0c0 2 months ago
Daaaaaamn that grin on my face won't go away!
Nolonar 2 months ago
"Happy birthday, Toda-kun. You always wanted me as your present, so here I am!"
"Wait... how did you know?"
"I can read minds, literally."

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lightingcloud 2 months ago
@Esper: unless this issue is resolved when she finds her "true love" or something
or maybe turn 18 or 21
who knows
Esper 2 months ago
They really are perfect for each other. Though right now the only major source of conflict I can see left is Nakano having to tell Toda she can hear his thoughts.
creamedice 2 months ago
"I'll think about it"
herianforce 2 months ago
damn son
Acolytus 2 months ago
Liar 2 months ago
Majora 2 months ago