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kurosa 2 months ago
Pale Moon, best spearever!

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itskaze 2 months ago
Dinokin 2 months ago
@Fishface that was a joke done by our group. it wasn't in the original raws.

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Fishface 2 months ago
I liked when I read the last page with all his emotion faces. I can't believe they felt it was necessary to include his orgasm face.
depzdai 2 months ago
That ghost is still not old enough, right.
moel 2 months ago
Thank you for the hard works!

I sense feels episode incoming...
Weenaru 2 months ago
That jaw drop though
natsusaki 2 months ago
Que dificil situación. Me encanta y sufro al mismo tiempo *w* igual lo disfruto taantooo :3
SpacyRicochet 2 months ago
Considering the series' title; I'm betting they all know he truly is a Paladin, by either training, fate or destiny.

There's is only one outcome when an Undead and a true Paladin fight each other without reservations.
Owyn 2 months ago
Or that he'll have to kill them if he wins cuz that's the only way for them to die or something so that's why they've been training him so hard
fuusengum 2 months ago
i wonder if Gus want Will to lose on his future match because Gus doesn't want will to leave the place, if he win against Blood, then surely he good enough to leave the place and take care of himself
kurosa 2 months ago
I imagine Pale Moon a bit different.