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Lynia 2 months ago
Thanks a lot. We'll keep doing it like this !
Arlindo000 2 months ago
Wow... This is good, This is Very good
Shrew 2 months ago
To the Scanlators: The way you guys laid out the words of creation and spellcasting was quite well done. I think that if possible it should be kept that way in future releases.

Also thanks for doing this series; it is exceptional so far and I'm very much enjoying it.
QuinKnotsward 2 months ago
congrats mc, you failed spectacularly. laid your weapon down, and gave up without even trying to fight back, simply because you were faced with a familiar figure as an enemy. if that was another magician using an illusion spell or something similar, you would be dead. from the perspective of a warrior, you are an utter disappointment.

I'll be very disappointed in the author, if Blood doesn't tell him off for that. please don't let me down author, you are doing incredibly well so far, on so many levels.
MangaMan420 2 months ago
Sniff I don't want to see pervy old sage die too soon. His love and thoughtfulness really shines through to Will.

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ultraleaf 2 months ago
damn gramp's those were tough situations
moel 2 months ago
I cried! What a parental love!
UltimateAdrian20 2 months ago
Damn nasty

Also yea...I think this is all preparing for when he has to leave the temple as well his eventual farewell to them
Lynia 2 months ago
Alright, thank you for the feedback ^^
D-Grayman 2 months ago
Regarding the question at the end:

I found it very helpful that you translated the spells and explanations in this manner.
Please keep it like this for future releases ^^
kaminomikan 2 months ago
why I get the feeling that it will come to him "liberating" the 3???