100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatte Iru

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Vol. 1 Ch. 3.2
It's really not unrealistic to expect them to be getting raped. Some tropes are unrealistic. That one is not. Generally speaking, when men find themselves in a position they think they can get away with it, they'll go straight to rapin'. Hell, sometimes they flip that perv switch in public and go nuts only to be caught immediately.

Lots of men aren't really into the whole rape thing, but that doesn't change the fact that lots of other men are.
What's the point of the bandit to capturing the hero ?
Either you ask for a ransom, sell them or use them.
Ransom is out, because nobody with money know them.
Selling is either organ harvesting (but not very likely in medieval setting, apart for meat/skull) or selling as slave.
Use them is either using them as manual slave, trophy or sex slave. Manual can be possible, but you have to train the slave which is time consuming and dangerous if it's not willing. Trophy slave is possible too, but you have to educate them or physically bind them too (and you don't put them in prison). Sex slave is the most easiest (but not the most lucratif) to do, you can educate or bind them but you can throw the slave wherever you want during or after the capture.

And MC is dumb, abandoning his "friend" to possible torture and thinking "If I save them now, will I be popular ?"... really ?
I've read too much of those with such tropes that I automatically assume such scene. it's so bad for my heart and brain. It hurts.
Rape is common crime even in "civilised" countries. And I am not talking about few random attacks you hear about from time to time or brothels that uses scamed/kiddnaped foreign girls. That happens a lot in homes of your "neighbours" behind closed doors. It is a huge problem. Plus add #me2 action that was there recently. It is "adults" mostly that are responsible for those crimes. It is sickening how deprived people can be.
Jerk mc is jerk.
they should have just taken poison or a hidden dagger and use their cheat death skill to escape.

butchering and raping prisoners just because they are girls is not really for actual adult people, but for kids who want to be mature.
As long as you think sex is what makes you adult you will still be a kid.
@umetsu Eh no? Once you've read enough stories in the same genre it's normal to start making assumption or predicting common tropes. I've read enough isekai where rape or whatever is something that happens
Seinen or not raping and butchering people or even "powerful mysterious beings from another world" - is ALWAYS insane assumption.
@mommy well if this manga is a seinen series, that would be happend, but this is not a seinen series
@mommy You're not. It's a logical assumption. I too thought something bad would be happening when the first one was caught- at least a butchering. It's kind of perplexing as to why attacking humans is considered bad and to why capturing the heroes without really harming them was their objective. Is the same true for the bandits? Does harming fellow humans demerit them as well? We won't know. Unless there's a Light Novel somewhere. There always is.
I was sure the bandits would try to rape those girls but instead, they put them in prison? Please tell me I'm not a sicko for being the only one who thought that immediately and wondering why those girls never did