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Disappointed 3 days ago
*they start flexing*
Oh my.

I'd totally mistook them as guys if I didn't already knew they were girls.
Daviot 2 months ago
Do they even lift? Yes, yes they do. xD
thearkive 2 months ago
Flexin on each other.
Clang 2 months ago
What was the button that was pushed? ?
ColonelPabs254 2 months ago
Lt. Armstrong would be proud of those two.
Someanon 2 months ago
A sight for sore eyes.
Monky 2 months ago
Two girls in bath together.
Having a muscle-off.
I love this manga.
ultraleaf 2 months ago
Dog totally looks like falcor haha
rc1138 2 months ago
Ideal race queens for “muscle” cars
uvarine 2 months ago
what an amazing level of dorkiness this chapter is.