Perfect Honeymoon

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Ch. 18
@KevinEvo: Going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, just the two of you, is not a date? Going to a museum when it's closed, just the two of you, is not a date? If her husband had used his influence to get the curator of a museum to open up after hours so he could take another woman there, do you think the wife wouldn't think that was a date? She is certainly two-faced, getting irate that Ki-bum was reluctantly spending time with another woman out of necessity, when she, herself, is having the time of her life, spending her honeymoon with someone that's not her husband.
@FredFriendly I think it's stated clear enough how Ji ae and Ki bum's relationship was and how it broken down. Ji Ae's perspective is that she was never his priority and has insecurities and Ki Bum still trying to understand love. Also she doesn't seem to consider hanging out with farmer boy as dates and more so him helping her out sight see and whatnot. Nevertheless i'm super enjoying the series and hope u guys pump out more. I can see this made into a Kdrama ?
Too bad Ki Bum is such a nice guy. If it had been me, when an unknown dude shoved me away from my wife, I would have hauled off and belted him, and probably also kicked him after he went down.

So what's it been? 3 days? 4 days? And already Ji-Ae has had a couple of dates with farmer boy. And has already begun to fall for him. A bit on the two-faced side, aren't you Ji-Ae? Not okay for your husband to be kissed by another woman, but perfectly fine for you to go on dates with a guy you just met while you're married?