Amanchu! Japanese

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Vol. 10 Ch. 59 - Yamayaki Festival
Savage. I love it.
The point is, since when this work or any of this authors had any kind of yuri?

The whole idea that there is yuri is this manga in this reminds of the typical cliché that a man and a woman in any kind of school setting can only be friends if they are childhood friends, if not they will end up in any romantic relationship, and all the friends around them will tel them that its the only posibility.
I'll just say this. Catching up because it's one I forgot when the big guy shut down (probably more as well). Had to comment because it did kind of come out of nowhere. It was obviously Dotty getting attached to her new friend and wanting to do any and everything with her kind of thing. We hadn't seen to much general attraction. I am all for random yuri popping up and to a degree I shipped these two at one time or another. But I don't think its baiting or homophobic for wanting to make sure the characters you wrote are being interpreted correctly. Sometimes it comes out better than others, but I think that there is to much attempts at public ownership of what is personal arts and stories. Not everything is supposed to be left up in imagination and something like this maybe a course correct where the author feels as though they may have given the wrong impression and they want to fix that interpretation. That said, the oh you are a boy, so therefore it now makes sense that my like isn't your like, is such a clumsy way to handle it.
@Aries_Lufir It was ridiculous when fans of Sakura x Tomoyo blamed CLAMP for homophobia just because they did not turn their yuri pairing into a canon, but this is already beginning to become obsessive. It's as silly as to say that any yaoi or yuri author is a heterophobe just because they do not write about heterosexual relationships. Not to mention the fact that the homophobic author will not devote a the second manga in a row to romantic friendship in the Class S's style.

On the other hand, I can not believe that she again the use is too careless qeerbaiting and again stepping on the same rake. I correctly understood that MC literally all the manga before did not worry about romance and only in the 59th chapter suddenly turned out to be attracted to the side character just because he was a guy? This is somehow too funny artificially.

@RexNemorensis Often they sincerely believe that romantic feelings are the only possible emotion for girls. I'm serious. Yesterday I had a dialogue with one fanatical yuri fan, who tried to prove to me that literally any positive interaction between girls in CGDCT are "canonical yuri subtext" on the part of the author. That is, girls can not rivaling, be friends or even experience any other emotions, except to be clearly or subtly romantically involved with each other. In general, there is something sexist in the idea that women necessarily need romance and they may not be involved in romantic relationships with males only if they are lesbians.

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Women do not normally view eachother in a romantic perspective. Is the concept of "friends" alien to yurifags? If this were a yuri manga, you'd know it from the start.
This is why I quit yuri. It eats your fucking brain.
As stated by some people from different websites, future raws would showcased that Seriously, this just confirmed that Kozue Amano is pretty much homophobic. She doesn't like fans shipping the girls, and hence ruined the manga for yuri fans by imposing her own biased view. Hell, I know this is her work but the whole thing was so forced, it completely came out of nowhere. It used to be such a wonderful and relaxing manga that displayed beautiful relationship moments between girls but now? Sure, let's just collapsed all that build ups and developments between characters just because you happened to dislikes lesbian. Maybe remove all that subtext you put out in the first place and wrote about some romantic straight shit with balanced gender equality, that might've give us some different expectations. But no, you're playing baits and thought earning the hatred of some faction is worth it. Hurr durr durrr.

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I mean if you're going to sink the yuri ship, at least use a better reason than "girls can't love girls". Maybe showing that since Kokoro's introduction that Teko was actually struggling defining her feelings for Pikari before realizing its not romantic in nature would have been a better choice than to pull this card.

You and Pikari belong together, dammit!
Dotty: "Then your 'like' for Pikari is different from my 'like'. I will root for you!"
Me: No! No! Nononono! It is not and don't root for him, Pikari is yours dammit!
Ahhhhh, well. I mean, I knew nothing was going to happen between them. But I thought it would at least be left ambiguous, dash it all!